Dremel Plus Drill Press?

Would it be Possible(practical) to substitute a Dremel for a drill in one of those presses where you add your own drill? (Which I can't seem to find the presses, that I'm talking about online. Although I know they exist.) Found one, and it seems to be used with a dremel. (I think.)

faroo8 years ago
 Do not bother to buy one , they are not worth their money.
1st : they're made specifically for their own tool
2nd :When you put a little more pressure on the handle that brings the tool/spindle down the tool goes off perpendicular ( the plastic it's made of isn't stiff enough)
3rd : If you plan on using a non Dremel tool you have tosped time and effort to adapt it.
My advice ; buy Bosch , Proxxon or any other brand that's all metal
I'm sure you'd be able to find a way to attach it. Do you have a specific press in mind? If so, post a link/picture, and we could help you out.
tech-king9 years ago
dremel makes specific presses for their tools. however, dremels are only good for small drilling, and have very low torque compared to a real drill.
gmoon9 years ago
Dremel makes drill presses specifically for their tools. So, I don't know if it's worth the trouble to adapt one (especially if it's for a full size hand drill.) A Dremel press is on my must-buy list too, but they never seem to have any in stock (locally...)