Dropping out of TGKTR3

As the title suggest, I am dropping out of the tournament. There are several reasons why.
1. People don't like the founder of the contest being in it.
2. I want to judge this last round personally so people probably won't like me judging my own entry.
3. I already started taking apart my unfinished entry.

For all those wondering, this was going to be my entry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6ekJEyP_FE

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pls8 years ago
Wait, am I able to enter?
jollex (author)  pls8 years ago
pls jollex8 years ago
Damn, never really paid attention till the ball mchine round:D started making one>.<
3 peoples left... So 2 are moving on? Anyway, too bad you left. Ah well. Its just a comp.
jollex (author)  I_am_Canadian8 years ago
Nope, this is the final round.
knexguy8 years ago
I can has place? Lol.
Dutchj8 years ago
You did the right thing, that's just my two cents.
DJ Radio8 years ago
nice roller coaster. and its too bad. I didnt have anything against you being in teh contest, as long as you got someone else to judge your own entry.