Dual Hard Drive Enclosure

Hey i'm work'n on use'n and old computer as a harddrive enclosure. So it house 4 or more hard drives i seen where you can buy one but you know how the site works it is better if we make them. I have like 20 160gig harddrives needed some thing to do with them. Any help would be great.

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I Googled and found this site. This is exactly what I want to do. Concert an old tower case to a HD/CD-DVD remote server connected to my laptop via firewire. My vintage laptop has USB1 ports and a firewire port. The USB1 is just too slow to be useful, hence the firewire port will be my outboard connector. I need reliable external operation for my DVD-R's. How can I connect maybe 2 DVD-R's and one or 2 HD's in a tower case and connect to my Lap Top via firewire. Also I want to use the tower case to provide power to my drives. Nabzaf and me basically want to do the same thing!!!!! how??? I don't care how much power it uses (since its use is task specific)
wkearney999 years ago
You make no mention of how you expect to use the drives. You could cobble up some sort of USB setup. You could also do the same thing with Firewire or eSata. But not with regular PATA (parallel IDE) or SATA as they're designed solely for inside the box connections, not between boxes. There are what are called "bridge boards" that can make a single external connection (firewire, usb, eSata) and then spread it out to multiple drives internally. But again perhaps you miss the point about power consumption. You'll waste a lot of electricity (and money) powering up a bunch of old small drives instead of just using a new, and pretty cheap, higher capacity one. That and not have to deal with trying to arrange and manage multiple drives.
nabzaf (author)  wkearney999 years ago
ok well you guys make it hard on me grrrrr.. I use'n the drives as a sort of storage hub i have a homenet work i just wanted a storage hub really. I seen them for business (no it is not a server )and i wanted to make one for home use.
No worries, if you want to try it then go for it. Just be be aware of the downsides. Given how inexpensive disks are these days it's truly going to be less expensive to just get, say, two new drives and set them up in a mirror. By the time you get the cables and, presumably, the necessary bits of USB-to-IDE adapters you'll spend more then the cost of new drives. And then with USB you'd still be stuck with the drives being choked being a slow USB connection. This slow connection would be a serious performance drain if you wanted to even THINK about getting into drive array mirrors or RAID. Sometimes instruction means letting people know what NOT to bother with.
nabzaf (author) 9 years ago
OK to make it clear i have a old case has power suppy no mother board about 1 year old. the hard drives are new they just came out of a a bunch of DTV DVRS i have a hold bunch of them that are SATA and Some that are IED Just wanted to know if it was possable to use the old case as an enclosure and add the hard drives and about how many i can use would i need another power suppy to help run the drives i know 20 hard drives are a liitle much in one enclosure. Let Say that i want 5 max in a enclosure.
wkearney999 years ago
Do the math on the power consumption. Running 20 low capacity drives will undoubtedly waste a LOT more electricity than new drives. Ask yourself if it's better to pay a lot more for electric to run old drives (wasting fuel in the process) or just recycle the drives.
NachoMahma9 years ago
. If I were going to do that, I'd find an old PC with plenty of drive bays. Or buy a new case - they're pretty cheap nowadays.
. I bought a case with 6 full-size bays from TigerDirect* a while back. It and a 700W PSU was, IIRC, about 120 USD (on-sale bundle). I used the mobo from an old computer and added RAID (25 USD cheapie) and Ethernet cards. I now have a nice 500GB RAID1 server. When I finish putting my car back together, I plan on upgrading to a 1TB RAID5.
. Most mobos have two dual-channel EIDE ports. Reserving one drive to boot from, that gives you three drives to play with. If you want to add more drives, EIDE controller cards are pretty cheap (15-25 USD).

* No connection, just a happy customer.
An old server or CD copying tower would be best since they have as many as ten 5.25 inch enclosures and are designed for cooling in such applications, you may have to run them off of a separate PSU and have multiple masters and slaves to make the system work...
nabzaf (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
grrr. i was hope'n to use the power suppy and a controller board cheap and easy.
Oh mine was just a suggestion but a simple controller board for the purpose would be effective if they're about, you'd probably need a pretty serious PSU to hack running that many extra drives though.
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