Dual Play with 2 consoles

Not sure how many people are away that some 3D TV's support Dual Play (converts the 2 player splitscreen from games to a Top Bottom 3D Image and has the option for the 3d glasses to only display the left or right eye images (player 1 or player 2)

however many games i like to play are not splitscreen

so i want to be able to input 2 consoles, and do the same
so that input one plays for left eye and input 2 plays for right eye

so far after looking around for ages, i havn't found anything that does this
best idea i found it using 2 Hdmi input card on a PC and combineing them then output to TV
but this is very annoying

hopfully someone here knows of an easyer way, or a way i can work around this

basicly i would think there would be something out there for this, for example to be used with displaying 2 cameras on a 3d display in realtime (thats kinda what i'm wanting to do just with games)


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BLPlatinum2 years ago

Found this: Matrox MC-100 for $495. Have not tried it yet, but fully intend to.


Two SDI inputs to one HDMI 3D output in Over/Under, Side-by-Side, or Frame Packing. Need to convert each console's HDMI to SDI, and your 3DTV needs to support HDMI 1.4a for Frame Packing. We are getting more affordable. Both input audio streams are embedded in the HDMI audio out with the ability to select one stream. What do you think?

Any solution so far is gonna be commercial and therefore expensive. I just found out about Dual Play and am very excited about it's potential. I am hoping for the same solution for two different consoles, since many newer FPSs like battlefield don't support split screen. I am hoping LG may build in the feature in the near future. For a married gamer, it would be a huge bonus to let the wife watch cable and you can still play games with headphones.
NeonfOx (author) 3 years ago
Thanks the Vmix seems like it should do the software job (much nicer than aligning windows)

However i have found out the thing i'm looking for is called a "2 (or more) channel Video Processor" also Video Screen Splitter

here is the link to one i found (only does SBS) but its about $1300

there not EXACTLY the right thing, but some can have split-screen with selectable inputs (T/B, and SBS)

however looking around these do seem to cost a fair bit, i'll keep you informed of any i find that are respectable price

however i did find a projector that has an attachment that does exectly what i want (called Xport), however would just get 2 projectors (like cinemas) if i was going that path (Full HD per Eye, passive)
ace5183 years ago

for easier input selection

I know, thats the pc combining idea. I''m looking for this same thing, so if you find something, please share back on here.
NeonfOx (author) 3 years ago
dual play works with EVERY splitscreen game, there is not protocal needed, the dual play feature, is for the glasses (to set both eyes to left or right) not the tv its self, as the tv just assumes the splitscreen is and over/under 3D image (or SBS 3D image for side by side splitscreen) any tv that supports sbs or over/under can spilt the images, and display them as left and right however not all glasses support this (not really the problem i care about)

Main reason i mentioned duel play is because most people have heard about it and know what i was talking about

ths ps3 duel play type option is Specfic tho as its done via the ps3 its self (with is great cause there is no aspect ratio issues) however doesn't work with all games, as game needs to be made to work, however just selecting 3D SBS for a SBS splitscreen game works fine

i'll included little diagram hope this explains things better

well looks like i may have to stick with using a pc to combine the 2 signals into one sbs /ou video then output to tv,
NeonfOx (author)  NeonfOx3 years ago
of course i have other ideas for this too for example, can be used so one person can be playing games, and the other watch tv, without having to deal with picture in picture
NeonfOx (author)  NeonfOx3 years ago
i don't need to close eyes, as said the glasses i have ar set up so that one pair only has left filters, and the other only has right filters, so no need to "close one eye", i did mention this a few times
caitlinsdad3 years ago
OK. so I looked up the LG Dual Play function for 3D TV. Compatible games that display two gamers viewpoints simultaneously are displayed on the LG 3D TV with one player's display on the even scan lines and the other player's display on the odd scan lines thus a full screen display simultaneously. The passive glasses for each player are polarized to only see the even or odd scan lines.

I do not know of any device that allows you to control what goes into the 3D Dual Play channels unless you have a game specifically written for it and know how to address the Dual Play protocol whatever that may be. I still question how comfortable it is or how long can you keep one eye closed depending on which game you are looking at in the kind of setup you are wanting.
caitlinsdad3 years ago
So you want to play two different games from two different console boxes which are displayed side by side on the TV?

Just get a TV that has a picture-in-picture option which displays two inputs side by side.

But if you want to do this on a pair of 3D glasses, do you understand how they work optically in your mind? I think the combination of two different images might really mess up your vision as they would not be just shifted slightly to produce a 3D effect.
NeonfOx (author)  caitlinsdad3 years ago
yes i wish to combine to either side by side of over under, problem with that is can't convert that to Left and Right it will just have one side on one side one the onther onther other, i wasnt to have console 1 run during left eye frames, and console 2 during right eye, i already have glasses that have only left eye filters and one with only right eye filters, so not looking to get a "3D image" (just like the 2D Glasses they give people at 3D movies to prevent headaches from the 3D image (bu only displaying one side or the other to both eyes.. now this would be easy with 2 projectors, one for left and one for right, and overlay Them

only way i can do it currently if yo feew the input from both console into my pc via video input card, then have them displayed over/under (just resizing windows and turning off aspect ratio), then just displaying that on the tv and select over under option for 3D, however as stated above that ties up the pc and is annoying to setup
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