Duct Tape Armor

I'm planning (Read: Going forth with no idea what to do) on making a suit of armor completly made out of duct tape. (Partially made a gauntlet, so it might work) But here's the question I have; Should I post an instructable on each peice (Gauntlet, Helmet, Greives) by itself, or as one big instructable that might have a million steps (Okay, not that many)? I'm leaning more to the idea of one peice at a time, and then when I'm done just putting them all together into one big instructable. What do you all think? And is this project even worth doing? (Will add picture of sad gauntlet reject at later date)

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dude7875 years ago
how many rolls of duct tape do you think it will take to made the armor
Chicken22099 years ago
wasn't there some kind of instructable comic thing about this. Idk it might have been in a dream but i normally don't dream about instructables, it gets to freaky
You're probably thinking about the HowToon comic about the duct tape muscles or whatever.
sure that sounds right
Rishnai9 years ago
After reading this a couple of weeks ago I got inspired to build a duct tape gauntlet. It fits well, looks good, is made of pure duct tape, and is easy to remove. Took about an hour. Never made a second one, because that would involve being coordinated with my left hand. Want pics?
Wills42 (author)  Rishnai9 years ago
I would love pics. I know exactly how you feel. I am no good with my left hand. Of course, you could just do your right hand and place everything where it would be on your left hand?
Goodhart9 years ago
As long as it eventually "is put together" since it is all related, I would say that is an ok way to construct it.

And, ...is this project even worth doing? IF you can get it to work out without it being a sticky "trap" a person can't extract themselves from, or something that just looks like a dark gray mummy, I would say go for it. You still may need something to "stick" the duct tape to however...
Wills42 (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
Oh, I've figured out how to put on and take off peices really easily. Although, it does require maintenence every couple of wears. Though it will be easy to fix. So basicly right now my job is to figure out how to make something easy even easier... Buckles out of tape anyone?
they are easy: make a thin strip of tape, no more than an inch. then, attach it to one side in desired manner. wrap part in 1-inch thick strip, sticky side out. stick to desired location on other side. cover stickyness with one inch strip and tape on thoroughly. one strap, finished.
even using a cardboard form would make the job of forming the shapes much easier...I would think.
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