Duct Tape PC Case

These geeks loved duct tape enough to make a whole PC case out of it. It's am impressive feat, but all I can think of is how horrible the smell must be to have it right next to you during and extended FPS session.

Duct Tape PC case

Picture of Duct Tape PC Case
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awkrin9 years ago
unless u have some form of metal structure, it's almost worthless, cuz the motherborad also needs cooling. countless fans won't do!
really u couldnt find a fan large enough to keep it cool
I have a few old computers i should try that
Doveman9 years ago
Why didn't I think of that?
I love the smell of burning duct tape duct tape smells so fresh ,but I don't know about burning duct tape. sweet
It smells like Victory in the morning!
thats just right!