Dunkis UMP-45 Video Review

Video for the gun.


Handle -8/10, a little flimsy, but quite comfortable
Stock - 8/10, strong, fits the look of the gun and feels nice
Grip - 8/10, feels nice, although for someone with longer arms like me it feels a little awkward
Magazine - 10/10, it never jams, has a nice touch, looks sweet and is stable
Barrel - 8/10, not long = little friction

Performance -
Range - 8/10, shoots quite far and fast for a magazine gun
Power - 8/10, very powerful with little bands because of the low friction barrel
Accuracy - 9/10, for me it is very accurate, but it does shoot a little to the left.

Overall - 8.4 A very good rifle, everyone who has the pieces should build it.

Picture of Dunkis UMP-45 Video Review
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Kaloki456 years ago
never mind, i figured it out just fine
Kaloki456 years ago
i wish he woulda made better instructions cause it's kinda hard for me to figure out how to build because of the blurry pictures, if you can please send me some better pics. thanks
I'm posting my new one soon. Problem is, it doesn't perform nearly as well range wise. But, in theory, it would be easy to modify it to accept a normal firing pin which then could be used for better range. It's also stockless, though you can modify that too and add the one from my old one, or you can wait until someone mods it to have a folding wire stock.
DJ Radio8 years ago
This shoulda gon in the knex section.
bruce911 (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
I thought I did, oops.
its not too late to move it
DJ Radio8 years ago
its way bigger than i thought it was....
Storm9508 years ago
Wow, you have a beautiful view out of your window!
bruce911 (author)  Storm9508 years ago
Haha, thanks.
pls bruce9118 years ago
Ya I totally agree, I wouldn't mind waking up to that _
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