Dutchj's K'nex Rifle V2 ( UPDATED )

This is the gun I'm currently working on, the second version of my rifle. To call it an improved version of my first rifle is not appropriate here, as I designed this one from scratch. It's not finished yet, but I can list the features it has now:
14 shot yellow rod removable magazine
Low friction, tilted firing pin on a rail ( with red connector for easier pull-back action )
Adjustable stock ( 3 positions )
Comfortable handles and stock
True trigger ( duh )
Possibility to add bipod

To do/fix list:
Design scope + attachment mechanism [DONE]
Fix minor reliability issue ( The gun needs a high amount of power to shoot reliably ) [FIXED]
Fix fake barrel ( may intertwine with reliability issue ) [FIXED]
Design a bipod [DONE]
Design a better stock [DONE] ( The one in the third picture )
Lower stock for more comfort [DONE]
Extend fake barrel a bit for better looks [DONE]
Any good suggestions you guys may give me ; ) Any constructive criticism is appreciated.

EDIT: Here's the video I promised I would post today. I know I said I was going to post this gun this week, but as it turned out, I didn't have as much free time as I hoped. The video shows the following: Inserting the magazine Firing the gun Demonstration of bipod Demonstration of sights and scope Demonstration of adjustable/removable stock.

EDIT 2: I've been working on this gun quite a lot, and I've tested the crap out of it. This is what the latest version looks like. The more observant people among you will notice that it is not a rifle anymore. I've made it SMG size to make it a lot easier to work with, and to save parts. A longer barrel can be added pretty easily, thus it will posted in it's current form.
Now for the changes: A big improvement on the barrel, which is now a connector barrel instead of a tan/cut grey barrel. This makes it a lot more powerfull then the previous versions. I have had some problems with the firing pin, but it has held up nicely as it is now. The pull-back range of the firing pin is also at its maximum, because it is on a rail I don't need to have any part of the firing pin inside the barrel behind the trigger to keep it stable. This gives it an edge over other guns with less pull-back. It took me quite a while to actually get it to this point, because it would jam all the time. Come to think of it I should have tried the more obvious thing first, as it seems to work fine now, though I recall it jamming before.
One of the good things about this, is that it uses only 5 exotic parts. 4 black Y connectors, and 1 K'nex man head top. I know some of you may not have the latter, but it is absolutely necessary, as without it the firing pin would mess up the barrel or vice-versa. Finally I would like to note that this gun can be modded to use the rails that Ironman69 came up with. The rear sights can be used in the same way on the stock version. Well, that concludes my wall of text for now. This topic is getting mighty big, is it? Anyway, I hope to see some thought trough comments on this, not just "post!". Constructive criticism, as always, is more then welcome.

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Gunbuilder8 years ago
dude, can ya make a customizable rifle, i mean like the nerf recon, where it can gor from pistol to assault rifle to sniper to back. oh, and a knex rifl CAN shoot 500 ft, with a LOT of rubberbands
heat-seeker8 years ago
shame ,it looks awsome with a bit of modding i recon it will work please post
wow! post!!!!
Dutchj (author)  Millawi Legend8 years ago
I have already stated that I will not post this gun. It was pretty good, but I didn't feel that it was up to posting. The only thing I feel was remotely new was the magazine, and maybe the barrel. But it just didn't perform as good as I wanted it to.
and is it ok if i re-create this gun because.... IT LOOKS SO FRICKIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dutchj (author)  Millawi Legend8 years ago
Go right ahead, if you can manage to build it from the pictures.
DJ Radio8 years ago
Hmm, Your bipod does look like mine. I will give you credit for the bipod asap, even though i built mine without looking at yours.
razzlekunai8 years ago
"Dutchj(author) says: For the record, I'm not going to post this anymore. I hope I'm not dissapointing anyone, but I've lost motivation and I don't think that it was ready to post." . . . DISAPPOINTED.
Dutchj (author) 8 years ago
For the record, I'm not going to post this anymore. I hope I'm not dissapointing anyone, but I've lost motivation and I don't think that it was ready to post. Also, I need the pieces for building new projects, as Mepain's K'nexsayer drained me of my yellow connectors.
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