Dutchj's experimental K'nex side-arm

Having finished my rifle and finding myself with nothing to do ( Don't worry, it will still be posted this week ), I thought I'd finally have a go at side-arms. So I built the TDS2, and hated it ( I'm going to get bashed for that, I know it ). I decided to have a look at some others like Oompa-Loompa's unofficial side-arm, and the one Bakenbitz posted a picture of on KI some time ago. Afterwards, I came up with this. This side-arm is powerful because the magazine is at the front and the trigger is at the very back. It's also kept reasonably small because the magazine is inside the handle.It fires grey connectors. It's a bit clumsy, but it is only a first version. I can probably make it a bit smaller and more user friendly if I remake it. Tell me what you think, and as always, constructive criticism is more then welcome

Picture of Dutchj's experimental K'nex side-arm
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Storm9509 years ago
Back end of it is just like IaCs AST pistol!
Dutchj (author)  Storm9509 years ago
Omg, my secret has been unveiled! It was the best way to stabilise the pin.
Storm950 Dutchj9 years ago
Man, you like this symbol: ;);););););)
DJ Radio9 years ago
oompa-loompa's trigger system is better........
Dutchj (author)  DJ Radio9 years ago
Thanks for stating the obvious, I know it is. This gun was something I did when I was bored. Side-arms are not my cup 'o tea
DJ Radio Dutchj9 years ago
they aren't for me either......
bakenbitz9 years ago
Good job, I might post my gun that you were talking about. The only thing I don't like is that it looks a bit messy. Mine has the same shape except the trigger thing goes under the barrel.
apples!!!!!9 years ago
I never really liked the TDS's either.....
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