Dutch's K'nex Rifle

This is my K'nex Rifle, based heavily on the M14 rifle. I'm only showing one picture here, the rest of them are on Knexinnovation. These are the specifications: Fake bolt-action ( pull pin back -> fire ) Removable magazine - Capacity: 9 Add-on rail for sniper scope ( inspired by Chombo ) or other add-ons Realistic look Average - Above average power Shoots blue rods

Picture of Dutch's K'nex Rifle
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gassybeans6 years ago
please make instructions its brilliant
fishhsifboy8 years ago
can you post again please because i tryed to search for it today but i couldn't find it. thanks.
He said it's on Knexinnovation, a COMPLETELY different site.
Dutchj (author)  mettaurlover7 years ago
Actually, I never posted instructions for this gun, just additional pictures.
Ah. It's just that he seems to think that you posted more here on 'ibles.
MrRadicalEd7 years ago
Looks good. More pictures though!
Katarukito9 years ago
the fake barrel looks kinda too small for the rest of the gun
Dutchj (author)  Katarukito9 years ago
The M14 Rifle

'nuff said
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