Dystopia is dead :(

Unfortunately, as I ran out of pieces while building Dystopia, I just had two opportunities:
1st: buy more pieces
2nd: take it down
Shadowman39 talked me into taking it down.
I just made some pics of the parallel arm lift in the hope someone might rebuild it.

Picture of Dystopia is dead :(
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Well that sucks
Sorunome (author)  Purple Waffles5 years ago
Yeah, it does.
Yeah im thinking about doing the same with exodus and building a smaller one.
all i have to say:
noooooooooooooo :(
Sorunome (author)  martijnb955 years ago
Sorunome (author)  Purple Waffles5 years ago
NO, please don't dot that!
I am far from having enough pieces and im too lazy to go buy more...
jmiester5 years ago
happens to me all the time XD
Sorunome (author)  jmiester5 years ago
To me usually not.
Then you, sir, must have a s**t ton of k'nex, 0_0 because mine fills up an under-the-stairs closet in my basement 0_0
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