E-Cigarette to fuel injector

I was just browsing the information on e-cigarettes when the thought hit me. Here we have a small electronically controlled atomizer, what better use can we use it for.

One of the first ideas came up was to use it as a fuel injector for small model airplanes. Anyone have any ideas or remarks?

Btw theres plenty of companies wanting to give them away because it creates a "bond" where you need to buy the refills from them. Little do they know that I like to re purpose "free" things

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rodr00696 years ago
The electronic cigarette atomizer is a heating unit not actually a pressurized injector.
drakesword (author)  rodr00696 years ago
Some of them are heating elements some are piezo. Wasn't looking at actually "injecting" per say but just atomizing the fuel as a carburetor does
Kiteman6 years ago
Where does the pressure for the atomisers come from?

Is it the refill cartridge, or is it powered by the e-cigarette itself?
lemonie Kiteman6 years ago
They heat a "package" of glycol-ether and nicotine on a support, there's no pressure really, excepting your negative-suck.

drakesword (author)  lemonie6 years ago
An intake on an engine would be below atmospheric pressure while not at full throttle. But air is constantly moving into the engine at the intake providing the flow
"Fuel injector" has more than one meaning. If you mean like a carburetor-needle, yes you might. But you are talking about heat-vapourisation of "bugger-all" really.

drakesword (author)  lemonie6 years ago
Some of the e-cigarettes heat a glycol nicotine solution but others use ultrasonics to atomize the liquid. Heating the fuel wouldn't be a bright idea. An electronic fuel injector opens a valve that allows pressurized fuel to pass through a small opening which in term atomizes the fuel. The ultrasonic could in theory do the same thing
That's still like a carb' though, no real pressure.

drakesword (author)  lemonie6 years ago
Don't want to sound like a jerk but Fuel Injector - (′fyül in′jek·tər) (mechanical engineering) A pump mechanism that sprays fuel into the cylinder of an internal combustion engine at the appropriate part of the cycle.
That is the right description, but e-cigarettes don't inject vapour into a person's mouth, they have to suck. These things aren't pumps.

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