E Ink to be put on magazine cover

Esquire is going to be celebrating its 75th year with an E Ink cover, the same stuff that's in Amazon's Kindle. There will only be 100,000 copies made for its circulation of 720,000 so grab one if you see it. Magazines always cost two or three times their cover price to make, but this should be way beyond even that. Esquire had to get its own custom battery made and the E Ink can't be too cheap either.

So what message is so important for all of this? A flashing message that says, "the 21st Century Begins Now."


Picture of E Ink to be put on magazine cover
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Ink to be put on magazine cover

Different E then what I was thinking...
aeromancy9 years ago
This sounds interesting. I may purchase one of these when they go on sale.........

Hey whats that glow coming from the landfill?
They don't glow. And they are probably going to be worth too much to throw out.
Has anybody actually seen these on the shelves?
Do you mean E Ink products in general or the magazine?
The magazine
No, I'm not sure if there out yet. They are probably going to be very expensive.
Lego man9 years ago
I have an Amazon Kindle and it works great! I love it!
Gjdj39 years ago
Yeah, I have a feeling this will be pricy.
Kiteman9 years ago
Keep an eye on ebay over the next few weeks...
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