I've started changing the light bulbs at home. I want to use economic ones like the one in the picture. The only problem that I have is that when I turn off the light , the bulb starts blinking. I have a power switch similar to the one in the picture. It has a little lamp behind the red dots that goes on when you turn out the light. It helps you find the switch in the dark.
I heard from someone that the blinking is related to this lamp.

Does anybody know how to fix this? without removing the little lamp in the switch

light switch.jpg
Kiteman6 years ago
Does it blink all the time it is switched off, or only for a couple of seconds?
ZoDo (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
It keeps blinking all the time
Kiteman ZoDo6 years ago
Then the switch is not disconnecting properly (maybe it needs current to flow through the bulb for the small lights to work?).

I would change the whole switch-plate.

ZoDo (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
My gues is that a small curent runs trough the small light in the switch and that makes the bulb blink. I think if I disconnect the small light the problem will be solved. But I don't want to give up on the little one. I wonder if there is another solution. Maybe someone had the same problem and managed to do something about it.