I know that there's been a topic like this, but I'm seriously considering getting the eee pc 900 (the one with the bigger screen and a 20GB SSD). Can anyone tell me anything wrong with it. I'tll cost about 550.

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guyfrom7up (author) 9 years ago
So, what's the verdict? Should I get the newer EEE PC? Or should I get a used Notebook? (Also realize I don't need it for powerful work, for powerful work I'll just use my desktop, the laptop is just meant so that I can get out of my room) Say yay, or nay. If nay, then explain why, thanks!
Do it!
guyfrom7up (author)  xACIDITYx9 years ago
well.... I just did like 2 more hours of research, and even though the eee is great (love the ssd and ease of use, and it's fun like a toy!) I have realised that I can get much more in a full sized laptop for about the same price...
PKM guyfrom7up9 years ago
The eeepc is designed for times when mobility will be a more serious concern than getting the best price/performance ratio. If want something so you can move around your house, put it in the car, etc. then a small laptop would be a better bet. If you need something ultra-portable because you're going to be writing a book of your travels as you cycle across America, and the Acme carbon-fibre recumbent bike company are sponsoring you, then consider an eeepc. It sounds like you are very keen on an eee, but I'd suggest you look at "ultra-portables" or whatever they call those tiny laptops. Toshiba do a great one with a sviwel screen (swivels into tablet format) that everyone in my old CS department had, they were crazily portable and had a readily available supplementary battery pack to extend life. Then there's the 12" mac laptop, etc. Also worth considering is that there are a slew of ultraportables coming out soon which will inevitably have a knock-on effect on the market- think stores running price-drop or rebate promotions to promote their chosen one, a glut of older versions appearing on ebay as people ditch their old model as they buy a new one, .... tl;dr- prices may be coming down as choice goes up, but there's already plenty of choice, look around before you buy.
guyfrom7up (author)  PKM9 years ago
your right And I guess the earliest that I'd by a laptop is near the end of summer for the back to school sale.
munchman9 years ago
The EEE Pc is a sub-notebook. The ones that i have seen do not run many programs. The operating system is a customised version of linux. You c an install XP on the EEE Pc but you need to upgrade the RAM to get it to a fast enough speed. I would suggest simply buying a full laptop.

However, if you just need a laptop to muck around with, or do basic things like email and word processing, the EEE Pc is a goood choice

caitlinsdad9 years ago
For that price range, you should look at a full-size laptop. Bigger screen, functionality, power, etc. My nephew has the more basic Ee pc and is always switching out memory cards to fool around with different operating systems but it does take a while to boot up. He got one only to take on the road and access his email. He says it is tough to do the more advanced stuff like photoshop or something other than basic wordprocessing and surfing the web. I don't think it can really handle serious gaming. Look at sites like to get good deal or coupons on laptops before you buy.
Bigger screen, functionality, power, etc.

That's not really the point. The idea of an EeePC is to have a very basic computing platform that is still highly functional. The screen is small to make the whole unit small, and thus very portable. It is intended for people to be able to take anywhere and still be able to type a paper or check email. Sure, a big screen is nice, but it's a lot harder to carry a 20" laptop that weighs 16 pounds into a lecture hall than it is to carry a tiny 7" device.

It's intended for a niche market-people who want an ultra-portable computer, midway between a standard laptop and a smartphone.
guyfrom7up (author)  CameronSS9 years ago
I just need a laptop that I can do basic tasks such as surfing the net, basic linux programming stuff, and doing school work such as documents and powerpoints and stuff like that. I think the eee would be perfect (the one wtih the bigger screen), and I love the 200 SSD, incase I drop it, and it's silent, etc.
. For what you describe, the Eee PC sounds like a reasonable choice. I like CameronSS's "midway between a standard laptop and a smartphone" description - if that's fits your needs, go for it. . Personally, I like caitlinsdad's idea of a used notebook, but I'm not too worried about size/ruggedness/noise.
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