EGG-siting Experiment

I dont know how mutch people know this but i was making some boiled eggs this morning and i didnt know when ittl be half boiled so i asked my mom and she said "well if you take a raw egg" she went to the fridge and grabbed one "and spin it onits large tip " she spun it and it didnt even spin for a second "that means its raw" she cooled the boiled egg and spun it it spun for about 5 seconds "but if it spins its cooked" TRY IT!

ARTYFISHALL10 years ago
There is another thing you can do to determine the freshness of an egg. If you put the end of the egg on the tip of your tongue, both ends of the fresh egg should be noticeably different. One end should be rather similar to a battery, but only mildly so. If the egg is off, it will not give this effect.
gyromild10 years ago
The not-so-scientific explanation..The inside of raw/half boiled egg is fluid, it counters/dampens the spin exerted on the outer shell.. Hard boiled eggs have solid inside that spins with the shell as one.. Cheers
NachoMahma10 years ago
. Now your mission is to find out why and report back.