EL Wire Questions

Does anybody know if it possible to make your own El wire controller thingy? Ohh and how many volts does El wire operate on. I want to put some on a pair o headphones to make the glow.  Around 3 volts maybe??? And if anybody has some El wire scraps laying around could I use them?? All I need is at most three feet. My budget is rather limited. Thanks everyone!!!!

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Say around 200V, around 1000Hz AC. Current depends on length
oldmicah5 years ago
Some of the converters are battery powered, so you should be set. The one gotcha I've heard about is that the different inverters drives different length ranges of el wire. You don't want to go outside the range or it can burn out the el wire prematurely.
jackjackboom (author)  oldmicah5 years ago
Awesome! thanks for advice!
caitlinsdad5 years ago
EL wire needs an inverter controller thingy. Beyond me to attempt to make one and probably worth it to get a premade one even if it is a shakey import version.
jackjackboom (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
Awesome!!!!! Thanks For the tip!