Do you know a schematic for a machine that makes sparks for igniting gunpowder or other flammable things? Something easy to make, but effective, so I can light up gunpowder at a distance of 20m. Something whit transformers or capacitors...

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use a cord less drill battery and that will ignite gunpowder , fireworks,etc.
try using an alarm clock or timer for a timed detonater
how, do you have a schematic for the transistor posotions???
i think the best is to make a switch that gets closed mechanically by the clock arrows this is also the safest - you dont want it to blow up in your face cause of defective plastic parts deep in the mechanics of the clock
??? i would just cut the wires heading to the speakers and rig em up to a capacitator or something, or just use em plain, but it has to have battery back up.
I tried that, not enough power, it only gives about 0,5 to 1 V and that is not enough to light up the metal cotton! How can I step up the voltage? I wanted to make, like an electronic switch, so that when the alarm goes of it sends those 0,5 volts to a transistor and that trigers the transistor to let the current from a 9V battery.... Do you understand? :) Do you have a simpler solution?
ya i understand and it seeems like a cool idea, but i gots a question, and its whats the backup on ur alarm clock. alot of times you can get an alarm clock with battery backup with a 9 volt, or you could get a capacitator (somthin that increases voltage) youre idea seems pretty cool though,there are prolly easyer ways. i'd look into it some more, but i dont want to ruin my alarm clock and im runnin low on cash. maybe you can try it and let me know the results.
capacitors dont up the voltage. a transistor might be able to handle the amperage and voltage needed, but i would use a relay
comodore (author)  tech-king8 years ago
What do capacitors actually do, I read in books and on the Internet that they basically store energy and release it when its needed, what's the difference between a block and polarised capacitor?
lets see..... capacitors store and release energy. the pass ac buty not dc. so they can filter out ac (damping) and cancel out oscillations, or the can amplify ac spikes (resonate). they do not raise the voltage. they can gradually charge and gradually discharge through a resistor (rc timer network) or discharge in one spark (think rail gun) a polarised capacitor is only designed to have power flowing through them in one direction.
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