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Anyone else in the UK heading to EMF camp at the end of August ?



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rblee5 years ago
I'm going with one of my sons.
ms78215 years ago
I'm going, and helping organise it too. Happy to answer any questions people have...
steveastrouk (author)  ms78215 years ago
What do we get for the money ?
That's a fair question :)  As a non-profit, we've tried to be as open as possible about this, and you can view our current budget here.

You'll notice our main expense is electricity - like the European events we're providing power and internet to the tents, so bring your extension lead.  Internet will be wifi or wired, running over a high-speed microwave link with 1Gbps transit back to London (pictures).

Thanks to our sponsors, all attendees get a fully-programmable badge with wireless and infrared communication.  We're currently planning some large-scale games to be run on top of this throughout the event.  We're also providing hot showers (free) and a full-stocked bar with local ales (not free).

Most importantly, you get to meet up with people like you. We're hoping to have everything from blacksmithing to lock-picking, from ride-on tanks to a giant knitted playground.  There will be two tracks of talks and workshops throughout the event, and everyone's welcome to sign-up if you've got something to share, of any size.

We're hoping on enough attendees to just about break even, but any profit we make will be put into putting on a larger event in the future.

steveastrouk (author)  ms78215 years ago
Its a lot of money for a weekend where you make your own entertainment....300 quid for a family of 4, plus 100 quid plus in fuel.


It's not entirely your own entertainment - we've got a list of speakers, but we're waiting until they're all confirmed before announcing. And we've found from past camps that you can find plenty to do a see by touring the villages (informal groups of people with common interests).

Unfortunately, running this sort of event comes with a certain amount of overhead. This is of course only our first year, but by comparison CCC Camp in Berlin was €175 per adult (although children under 12 go free), and HAR 2009 in the Netherlands was €155-185.

You can currently get a small discount if you're involved in a local hackspace - PM me for details.
solex5 years ago
I'm going and organising too :D