EMP for cars

So, if cops had a thing to shoot at cars, that sent an EMP through them, would it turn off the car? Would it harm the people in the car? Is it a ridiculous idea?

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jj.inc6 years ago
Newer cars yes, older ones with carburetors no. Not all cars have the on-board computer that some need to run but, most cars now-days do.
If it all worked right it should permanently disabled the car by frying all the micro controller and/or semiconductor based circuit boards (IE. the sensitive stuff), It most likely would not harm the people inside unless they had some kind of implant such as a pace maker. And no its not a ridiculous idea.

Maybe a microwave system?
abadfart8 years ago
i dont know if it would work on my car
I suppose you mean something like this

I guess it is possible, since they've run tests on it....

Kiteman9 years ago
There was talk a few years ago, and tests seemed to indicate it was feasible, of using high voltage to knock out the electronics in a car. In a test video I saw, they strapped what was basically a big taser on the back of a small RC car, then ran it under an "escaping" car. The jolt fragged the engine-management computer, and shut the car down.
. I saw the same (or similar) video. It seemed to work well, but I can see having a lot of problems with aiming the thing once they get off of a closed track. Wonder what would happen if they set it off under the gas (petrol) tank?
It should be safe - cars are designed to cope with the static discharges encountered at petrol stations, plus the charge will flow around the fuel, not through it, and certainly not through the vapours.
. I'm thinking the pulse could travel into the tank via the fuel pump power and level sensor wiring. Maybe not.
It would have to arc inside the tank - only an incompetent fool would design a fuel tank where that was possible.

I think
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