I wanted to know that why has been my entry been rejected from the fiber arts contest.
Please have a look at my instrcutable(I have only 1) and tell  me whetherr it completes the qualifiaction needs.
The contest says you can sew it and for making the patterns in the cushion you have to sew it as shown in the video.

Please reply.

Jayefuu5 years ago
It looks like all of the other entries started out as a single thread and they've been tatted, knitted or crocheted. Yours uses pre-woven cloth. I have to admit that the entry guidelines are a bit obscure. That doesn't mean I'm right though.
Kiteman Jayefuu5 years ago

There's a forum topic by Scoochmaroo somewhere that clarifies that they want things made by doing something with raw fibres or yarn, such as knitting, tatting or felting.
ChrysN Kiteman5 years ago
Requirements for the fibre arts contest are explained here: https://www.instructables.com/community/Fiber-Arts-Contest-Questions/

As outlined in the topic (link from ChrysN), the Fiber Arts Contest is NOT a sewing contest. There is however the Sew Warm Contest. I haven't looked at the project, but if it meets the requirements for that contest, then you could enter it there (as that one IS for sewing).