EPIC Instructables Robot

So yeah... The Instructables Robot is really awesome. You can't deny it. If you do, you're a NOOB. Anyways, I decided to make him more EPIC. Observe.

Picture of EPIC Instructables Robot
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lemonie8 years ago
Quick jobbie:
The laser is coming from his mouth...(or is it fire?)
Radioactive-breath (in the Godzilla context) L
Oh, well that makes things a lot clearer.
watermelonhead (author)  lemonie8 years ago
very quick.
Well, come on then beat it for "epic" quality? L
watermelonhead (author)  lemonie8 years ago
doubt it, I kind of suck at epicness.
soooo much more epic though and yours was a very quick job too
Now THAT's epic.
hobo86753098 years ago
Another mor epic 1... the disco instructables robot!
disco instructables robot.jpg
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