Just had several error 503's as in picture whilst answering a question.

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monsterlego5 years ago
That happens to me all the time just reload the pics.
iproberry15 years ago
that happens because i think inatructables sometimes crashes...sometimes reloading the page works!
Also it might happen because of too many people on the site
What did you do that caused the errors? How could I repeat it on my end?

Did you click post comment and instead of a comment popping up that did...or...something else?
rickharris (author)  StumpChunkman6 years ago
I was trying to reply to the question. The question page would reload but the answer box produced the error. I checked other questions with the same results - After approx 5 Mins it cleared and did not as yet retyurn.

Win 7 Firefox 5
rickharris (author) 6 years ago
Side issue Apparently this is a VARNISH cache issue - But a Guru is meditating on it !!!!
rickharris (author) 6 years ago
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