Early Childhood Intervention

I have an excellent system for developing good behaviour and create well rounded, happy and secure children. I have posted Instructables before but how do I make one that is mostly words?  Instructables depends so much on the visual I'm unsure. I know the content is good and well proven but how do I "show" it? Any Ideas please.

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Kiteman4 years ago
If videos are not possible (I note you say you don't have one), then it is acceptable to illustrate "wordy" instructables with clip-art style images, as long as you have permission to use them (or they are from a site that grants blanket permission).
craftyv (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Great idea. I'm thinking of what I can use to illustrate what I have written . Thank's for reminding me of the constraints involved. I am re-energised again. Thank's.
kelseymh4 years ago
Demonstration videos are probably the best for this sort of "active" material. You might try doing some online research to see how others in your field present both their system and their results (my wife and I are taking a course on the "Incredible Years" program, which is heavy on both text and video vignettes).
craftyv (author)  kelseymh4 years ago
Thank's for the "research" idea and well done with the programme you are doing. It's a facinating topic isn't it? Thank's so much. I remember your support for me and others in the past.
How about a video instructable.
craftyv (author)  Josehf Murchison4 years ago
I'd love to but don't have a video camera or the facilities to set up in,.I'm thinking about it though. Thank's.