Earthquake, NZ

So just incase this is too small to make it onto American radar, since Saturday morning 4.30am there was a 7.2 earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand (my home town atm) and 100's of aftershocks up to 5.1 as of today (Wednesday)

It's been an experience, I've had the odd quake or two but no way near this extent. The house I'm staying in has been fine, an older wooden one, but there's lots of unsafe and collapsed houses.

Time to get my survival kit together? =]

Kiteman6 years ago
How are you doing with the latest shakes?
KentsOkay7 years ago
I heard briefly about it. Yes sir, you need a survival kit. More accurate, you need a Bug Out Bag.

Other than volcanoes and massive seismic tremors, NZ is a nice place yes?

gmjhowe7 years ago
Yeah, I have seen quite a bit on the news over here, looks like for the most part NZ new what they were doing, hence no fatalities.

How does it look from your end? Everything being dealt with properly?
Kiteman7 years ago
That's been on the UK news.