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hey everyone! i need some help... i have to do a project for my physics class. it should be a game or toy that has light, sound and action. i tried looking at most of the instructables under tech but they are a little advanced for me (but look like really cool projects). i want something that doesn't involve programming or kits. have any ideas?

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Mace4210 years ago
cool ideas guys
frank2608011510 years ago
a group in my school made a sort of jigsaw puzzle with copper tape on the back of it, and if it's assembled correctly, a light goes on
VIRON10 years ago
Can you think of another game using parts from OPERATION? (The buzzing sound is like a safe "shock".) How about the one where you have to move a loopy wire across a squiggly wire without touching it? How about another similar game? Then there's the game quiz buttons. Older hardware stores may sell door bells and buzzers for right and wrong answers. It's easier to make the bell work when you get a right answer than to make the buzzer work when you get a wrong one though, but maybe you could figure it out. It may be a challenge but perhaps a game of tic-tac-toe, using push button SWITCHES, and lights. The circuit goes first and lights up the middle. You push the switch on the # where you want to go. The circuit never loses. That one needs some extra help unless you are really good at tic tac toe and write down the few hundred possible games and figure out how to wire the circuit. This can be done with no weird parts except for "4-way" push switches. Your move actually turns on the circuit's move. That's how it works. The circuit plays "bulbs" and you're "buttons". Draw X on the bulbs and O on the buttons. 4-way push switches are capable of playing many similar strategy games. DPDT pushbutton switches (at least) also work. These have "memory" by staying down when you push them. To clear the game you have to unpush them all. They can do all the logic gates used in other kinds of electronic games: NOT, AND, OR, XOR. Time Bomb (hot potato) is easy. You set an alarm clock and pass it around in a box. It's effectively like musical chairs. The last person to have the alarm clock when it goes off loses the round and quits the game. The last person still in the game wins. If someone can modify a phone ringer to beep really high so that the deafest person can still just hear it, then hiding this thing by the person who'se "it" makes a hide and go seek type game. It's somewhat hard to find something that beeps at a high pitch because you can tell only by loudness not direction which way to go to find it. Also like "hot and cold". "Game show" is a circuit with two or more buttons and the first person to push a button to say they have the answer lights up their light, and the circuit will not light up the light of the other players after that. It's a challenge to design this circuit but doesn't need weird parts. Another "Game Show" is simply two buttons marked right and wrong, The Right button rings a bell and the Wrong button makes a buzzer go "zzzet!. The circuit itself is just a convenient prop for a school version of family feud or something, it doesn't actually "play". A pointer on top of a motor may be able to choose players, perhaps up to 6. Many motors tend to stop at 6 different directions. The motor and a button to run it can make a spinner to point to 6 things. A motor can also run a "wheel of fortune" and the 6-stop-tendency won't effect it much.
VIRON VIRON10 years ago
Correction:"phone ringer" implies something "like" what's in a cordless phone that beeps in pulses. An old rotary telephone bell is not usable, since it requires 90 volts and 20Hz AC. For physics, think of physics themes, maybe magnets, gravity powered roller coasters for marbles made of wire and with electric marble lifters and blinking lights... Remove the radio from a remote controlled car and use clay and motors to make a simple "robot"... Simulate a physical process, such as an engine, with no Real fuel involved, but with dials for RPM, fuel air mixture, etc. A phone-vibrate motor could be the fake engine, lights and stopped motor could be a stall. Could be "not a car", maybe a plane or rocket simulator. ... Or the weather... a map with backlit fronts, barometers, thermometers, anemometers, and a temporarily hidden "correct prediction" (or button circuit connected to bell and buzzer). "bzit! (low barometer doesn't mean sunshine tomorrow)" "correct prediction"clouds, a
VIRON VIRON10 years ago
A simple Pinball Machine?
LasVegas10 years ago
I suggest you pay a visit to a local Radio Shack or Electronics Parts Store. Many kits are available that would meet your needs and are very educational.