Eating ants?

This is a topic with a special thanks to goodhart. What is the best way to prepare and eat ants, or other insects and in what manner?

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caitlinsdad8 years ago
I guess au jus but that is when they hit you in the mouth while riding. I think chocolate covered might be good. Dry roasting is probably the better choice if you like little crunchy bits.
Chocolate covered is what I was going to suggest.
Nothing says "I Love You" better than a box of chocolate covered heartworms?
Speaking of which, I need to give Buck his flea/tick and heart worm medicine...
I would recommend this...been around for a while, tried and true...
Um, if ants are hitting you in the mouth while you are must be really low ridin' for sure LOL
And snails, kinda like bugs, and they have the red-glo triangle hanging off the back for slow movers.
well, like octopus beaks, that can be removed before cooking LOL
Lftndbt8 years ago
Lftndbt's Hot & Spicey Ants''


Ants- 1/2 Cup. GE free preferably. Species, of your own choice. I recommend the Australia sugar ant.
Rice- 1/2 Cup.
Onion- 1 Large.
Chilli flakes- 1 Teaspoon.
Sweet chilli sauce- 1 Table spoon.
Garlic- 1/4 clove.

Add rice to boiling water.
Take a pan, brown off onion slices with the challots and garlic.

Add ants to the hot pan, then the sweet chilli sauce. Use as much chilli as you prefer. Ensure the ants get a liberal coating.
Mix ingredients in the pan regularly, as the ants tend to stick and burn quickly.

You want the ants to have a nice charred effect, yet you do not want to burn them. Charcoal ant does not taste good.
You will find the abdomen is filled with a small amount of liquid. The ants may "pop" whilst cooking, this is normal, the juices will add flavor to the dish.

The ants are done when they have a nice golden brown hue to them, try one to see. They should be firm to bite, yet full of moisture.

Add salt and pepper to taste.

Serve on a bed of rice that has been garnished, with a small amount of the chilli flakes. This adds a nice touch to the dish.

Serve hot, with a good red wine of your own choice.
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