Ebola.............. yes, the virus :(

So guess what i just learned today?

Ebola is coming back into style!

Read for yourself....

I hope it doesn't spread....

Picture of Ebola.............. yes, the virus :(
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Der Bradly8 years ago
Scary... I ain't going to africa anymore
What was it like in africa?
IDK... I haven't been there :-)
Oh, because you said anymore, it sounded like you had been to africa...
Well, when i collected enough money i wanted to go there
You do know Africa is the poorest continent.
I know... But the cheetas would be worth it
So are you going to hunt them or watch them?
Sandisk1duo (author)  Plasmana8 years ago
have you seen any National Geographic documentaries? basically like that, but with more people
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