Unable to download pdf format ebooks of  How to Draw and Bicycle Mods.

Attached are the XML error messages when trying to download each pdf file.


Almost every pdf ebook on the site gives an error in Adobe saying the file is not supported or corrupted. The pdf seems to download fine, but the file size is very small and the above mentioned error occurs when opening the file. I tried downloading at least 8 or 9 of them and only one worked (can't recall which as I deleted them all).
dschlaak5 years ago
I have tried Firefox and IE using Windows 7 and am unable to download either EPUB or .PDF from the ebook section. Firefox gives me an XML error; IE give me a 403 forbidden message. This is true for several Arduino books.
mikeasaurus5 years ago
Both of these work for me, albeit slowly. I recommend right-clicking the download PDF button and opening in a new tab or window, then allowing your browser a few minutes to generate and download the PDF.

Please make sure you have the latest browser update and that you have a PDF reader installed.
lyfsavor (author) 5 years ago
Also unable to download DIY Archery ebook.