Anybody see the lunar eclispe this morning? Take any pics?


Lots of pics online:
Make Flickr Pool
Time Lapse of the Eclipse here.

Post your links and pics!

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Yerboogieman10 years ago
i saw it
trialex10 years ago
It occured at the perfect time and with the perfect weather conditions here in Australia. My photos...
technick29 (author)  trialex10 years ago
Spectacular pics man. Great job!
Bran10 years ago
It was so overcast in my area, I couldn't see it. Those pictures that you found are pretty cool though!
technick29 (author)  Bran10 years ago
Yea, I didn't see anything either. Thanks.
westfw10 years ago
I woke the two older kids up at about 0230 to see the start (moon about half covered at that point), but they didn't last very long. I checked again before I went to bed at about 0320 and it was all red/brown...
technick29 (author) 10 years ago
I added links to photos online of the eclipse for those who missed it!
TheCheese992110 years ago
I saw it I was to wayyy tired to get my camera
technick29 (author)  TheCheese992110 years ago
Haha nice.
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