Editor's Picks Links not functioning in the Newsletter

You must have changed something because this always worked before.
Starting with the Feb 11 emailed Newsletter and also evident in todays, the link for the
initial Featured item works but all the ones below in "Editors Picks" do not function.
   When mousing over the pictures, the link is displayed in Featured instructable, but not with the
ones below.
I am using the Microsoft Outlook to read emails.

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pseaton1 year ago

Update posted here: https://www.instructables.com/community/Bug-in-email-newsletter/

DGW (author) 1 year ago

Hey, everyone.

I just sent the code correction listed in the forum article shown just above this one to service@instructables.com.

Please send a message to them too. Maybe we can get their attention if enough people write.

I confirm I have the same/similar issue (none of the links work for me in the email apart from the top one). I am using Airmail on mac OSX. The links work if I use gmail instead, but I am not willing to change my preferred email client just for instructables email.

When viewing the source, it looks to me that the email is formatted using 'quoted printable', with a '=' character delineating line breaks, the link hrefs (which for some reason have an 800 character token on each?!) break multiple lines, terminated by equals signs, but are prefixed with '3D', meaning the '=' is taken as part of the url.

DrVanDoom1 year ago

Hi, just to give you a little more feedback, I'm having the same problem with a yahoo address using the stock mail application on a htc android phone (nothing to do with outlook)

janern1 year ago

Hello, me again

I can confirm that the links do work when i open my gmail in a browser, but not when i view the same email (gmail-account) in Outlook.

HOWEVER in the newsletter from last sunday (Raspberry pi 2 Retro...). all the links worked again (yes, in Outlook), but in the one that came yesterday (High-Effinciency Dimmable...) it was back to not working.

...I mean... just how...?

Yeah... The high efficiency dimmable thing... That's my Instructable!

Here's the link if you need it:


janern1 year ago

Jumping into this one. I have the same problem, and for me as well it suddenly started from one newsletter to the next.

To make matters worse for me, my outlook tells me "application not found" when i try to "view in web browser". That is of course some other issue with my computer.

janern janern1 year ago

omg, annoying, I'm looking at one right now, and just want to click on so many things! :-p

SimonB531 year ago

same here, really annoying too as the editors picks are worth the clicks normally, please fix it

JWBaker1 year ago

The problem is also still happening for me, but I've been working around it by clicking the "view in browser" link at the top of the emails in Outlook. The links work fine in my browser (Chrome).

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