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In various parts around the site, we've changed "featured" to "editors' picks".  When a new visitor comes to Instructables, we want them to clearly understand that there are editors helping select the very best content.  This is especially true on our homepage, where I want a new visitor to know a human, not an algorithm or chance, selected which Instructables appear.

Editors' picks doesn't easily lend itself to being a verb, so we'll probably still talk about featuring projects, and the term featured will still be used around the site.  No changes have been made to how the featuring process itself works or what happens to featured Instructables.  You will note that we're now publishing a letter from the editor; this and the name change to editors' picks are both part of growing and developing our editorial voice. 

Let us know what you think, and if you are looking for algorithm or chance, try Instructables sorted by views this week or random.

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AZNdude6 years ago
I Have A Featured Article That Doesn't Show As An Editors Pick
Can anyone help?
AZNdude AZNdude6 years ago
I mean it's not on the front page.
kelseymh gave an explanation, but i still don't understand
You have a"channel" feature for your ible. On the front page there are "categories" or "groupings" like gift, living, outside, etc. The home page will show the recent "editor's picks" or major homepage features. If you click on any of the sub categories, like for you, the Living section, that gets you to the page that your project is featured on with just the Living channel projects filtered through. I think only those front homepage featured get the bonus 3-month pro membership though. It's still a work in progress. I hope that helps.
Thank You for the help
lazfsh6 years ago
Is there anyway to get an RSS link to all editors picks or maybe just an rss feed for what I used to get in the email newsletter. Your standard rss feed is killing my reader with it's Posts per week @ 520.1
lazfsh lazfsh6 years ago
Actually I may have it:
Posts per week:76.3
Much more manageable. Let me know if there is a better way. This was a total guess but hey!
kelseymh lazfsh6 years ago
You've got the right URL. You'll find it in the right hand column of the browsing pages, directly below the index of categories.
rimar20007 years ago
Eric, I think since some time that the default access should be RECENT Instructables. I don't understand well that of Editor.s Picks. You know, I don't speak English and besides I am a bit hard-brain.

Does Eric's explanation help? The "Editor's Picks" (what used to be called "Feautred") are chosen by hand by a small group of members (staff and volunteers), with the intention of being "the best" published Instructables.

These Instructables are the ones which show up on the top-level page, which is what non-members are most likely to see for the first time.

We (okay, Eric :-) don't want to just have whatever random crapstuff happened to be published be the first thing non-members see. We want them to see really good examples, so they're more likely to stick around (and provide eyeballs which the advertisers pay for!).
Oh, thanks, now I understand. Thanks for the patience!

How I wish I knew English well. But I make progress, at this rate, within 40 years I will have mastered.
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