Educators and Where to Find Them

I am in search of educators and students using Instructables as part of a course or class. I would like to present at my state and national art education conference in the next year on how to use as a resource for student learning, sharing, critique, and assessment, but I have not been able to try this yet in my own classroom. It is a hope for the future, as my district has Instructables blocked through our web filter presently. If you are using Instructables for any of these purposes or know of someone who is, please drop me a line through a comment or PM so we might connect and share thoughts and experiences.  

I'm posting this in feedback, because I am unaware of any way to find these people otherwise. Could there be some way to search for users that have added a particular city, state, or country to their profile? A profession section in the profile that is also searchable would be helpful as well. 

Additionally, I am all for web anonymity and staying safe online, but it seems rare for authors to include their location in their profile. Requiring or encouraging authors to include at least the country of origin would  make it easier to understand and connect with those who come from a country or state/province/county that is not your own. For example, if I see an ible with less than perfect grammar or spelling, it is easier to overlook when I see that the author is not from an english speaking country. I have my state listed on my location, because we Texans have some pretty unique traditions and perspectives that may seem foreign even to those in another state. 

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Brooklyntonia (author) 2 years ago

What about adding a forum section for educators/education?

I use ibles in my
classes all the time, I cant write them fast enough. The kids have
got used to using instuctables, now if I dont have one for a topic Im
covering they want to know why

Brooklyntonia (author)  liquidhandwash2 years ago

Do you ever have your students write their own ibles?

These three were written by my students

The first two were collaborations, but that part of instructables doesn't work very well any more, the auto save screws everything up.

Brooklyntonia (author)  liquidhandwash2 years ago

Fantastic! So, what do you teach exactly, if you don't mind my asking in public?

tech subjects, wood metal, plastics, go karts, systems engineering, some times computers

Kiteman2 years ago

Start here:

Quite a few teachers use ibles for school, but have similar issues regarding filters (for instance, my school does not block the site overall, but individual pages can trigger filters that watch for inappropriate content - I've never yet been able to show a student a K'NEX project, because they always seem to have a gun in the "related" column).

There are also issues about access to computers during lessons - it is a lucky teacher who can get access to a class set of computers whenever they feel like it.

So, I most often use the site as a reference resource - when I taught Resistant Materials, I would send the classes home to look at the site for inspiration, or to prepare for using particular techniques, or I would plunder projects for useful images to illustrate class notes. I know that Food Technology teachers use the the site a lot for similar things - it's a great place for finding unique recipes that work well in lessons.

I have also used the site to share projects or techniques with other staff or colleagues in different schools, such as this:

I guess im lucky, all my students have laptops.

In the UK, a small number of "free" schools have chosen to issue iPads or iPods to students (more of a bribe to join the school than a genuinely useful tool), and some schools invest in class-sets of laptops in trolleys that can be booked out to lessons, but the vast majority still keep computer technology in a discrete department.

Brooklyntonia (author)  Kiteman2 years ago

Thanks! I'll be checking out the comments on the first ible for others that do this. I'm particularly interested in having my students create their own instructables. I prescribe to a choice-based pedagogy, which in a nutshell, means I let my students create what they want in response to a lesson. Each student often has a completely different approach and asking them to create an ible of their work would be both a learning experience for them and a way to assess what they learned. Every student from K-8 has an iPad and every student 9-12 has a macbook, so access is not an issue.

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