Eee PC - Opinions, please.

I had a minute's play with an Eee PC today, and first impressions were good. I know that a local high school has invested in a bunch of them. #1 son has started making noises about "needing" a computer of his own. In a year of two, he may be right, so, at a price of around 150GBP / $300, it seems a reasonable target for him to save up for (and ask relatives for cash at birthday & Christmas). Bearing in mind that his school uses Windows, and so does the high school he will probably go to, is the Eee a sensible buy for a 11/12 year old? I use a Windows laptop, our desktop is Windows. We have a British Telecom wireless hub. I am ignorant of all aspects of Linux, so I also need to know if the documents he produces can be accessed through Windows software and vice versa?

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i own the newer version of the eee pc, the 900. it is more expensive but has a larger screen and touch pad. the prices for the 701 pictured are set to drop soon so you might want to wait. I've used both models and i can highly recommend them. its only when using a 900mhz cpu that you realise that your other computer is hugely overpowered, it runs most things well (just don't expect crysis to run).
If you do buy one i recommend you join the eeeuser forum, its an excellent community not dissimilar to instructables (the hacks section is particularly good.)
just don't expect Crysis to run

I happily stand corrected!
I know that's a bit of a cheat, it's using the EEE as a "thin client" and streaming the controls and graphics between it and a proper gaming rig, but still...
PKM9 years ago
The EEE will have OpenOffice that uses open document format (ODF). You can get OpenOffice on windows, and there are murmurings of MS Office moving to open document as well, so the short answer is yes. I believe OpenOffice can open word documents, and possibly even save as them, although that will presumably be reverse engineered so might not work 100%- you'd probably be best off installing OO on yoru desktop for the best interoperability.
whatsisface PKM9 years ago
OpenOffice does Word documents perfectly to my knowledge, and I think there's even a plugin for Office 2007 support.
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
I'm not a fan of them, but go for it!
you just responded -34 seconds ago LOL
Didn't you know that I'm perfectly capable of creating rips in the space-time continuum?
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