Eepybird Moves on to Colorful Post-It Waterfalls

If there was ever a cool way to go from being a producer of amateur viral videos to professional viral videos, this is it. Eepybird gets sponsored and blows us all away again.

Picture of Eepybird Moves on to Colorful Post-It Waterfalls
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Firebert0109 years ago
Coolest vid I've seen in a very long time. MOAR
inquisitive9 years ago
Rishnai9 years ago
I now feel the need to use post-its as slinkies. That was an awesome video!
puzzlefreak9 years ago
Ypu mean Eepic :-P
haha, good call.
Plasmana9 years ago
That is so amazing!
AMAZING! im so emailing this to everyone!
I tihnk that this is like the diet coke and mentos thing, where its almost like free publicity for post-it, and they probably gave eepy ALOT of them.
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