Effective Way to Wake You Up

Getting up in the morning is not the easiest thing to do--but with the proper motivation, we all might be a little more inclined to hop out of bed. This alarm clock provides that: if you don't wake up, it will randomly dial someone from your cell phone's address book. An early morning call to your family, friends, or random person whose number you've got stored in there will guarantee that you have some awkward explaining to do.

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Uru Wolf9 years ago
I like this. My alarm is effective enough though. My computer plays a music file at X time and I have to get up and traverse the terrors of my bedroom floor before I can stop the music. Tripping over half buried cables is a very effective way to wake up.
How did you do that?
I run linux, I wrote a shell script that waited for X number of seconds then opened a file. I know it's crude but it works.
Good idea, thankfully I have Linux too. How to you tell a program to wait?
Good man It's really simple. I used:

sleep 28800
amarok '<path to music file>'

Where 2800 is the number of seconds to wait, and "amarok" is the command executed.
You use KDE! Nice choice, Gnome sucks.
=P That I do. I agree with you on GNOME as well
Does this work for you?
I havent tried it yet, the drink a glass of water before bed works fine for me. I've just always wondered how to tell it to wait. So, would you just copy that into Kwrite then save as .sh? Last time (different program, just expirementing) I clicked it and nothing happened.
Yea, save it as .sh then run it in the terminal or whatever. You will need to make sure that the terminal is still open though >..< It's only a basic script.
Oh, that's why my other scripts don't work...I always close terminal.
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