Efficient House in Maine has no Furnace

This house in Maine has no furnace and will generate more power than it uses. With some extreme air-tightness and solar panels this is one super efficient house. It even has mood ring-style lights on the side to let you know how it's doing. Green is for Net-Zero use, yellow is on the border, and red for pulling more from the grid.

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Picture of Efficient House in Maine has no Furnace
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cryophile8 years ago
Does this mean the house has achieved over-unity?
Obviously not. I was being humorous.
If Only!
thebruce558 years ago
I just wanted to address the cost issue. I am a timber framer in Maine and as such owe a good part of my livelihood to Ted Benson(Bensonwood) who built this home. Mr. Benson is is one of the key individuals highly responsible for the resurgence in the craft. I feel what they are doing at Bensonwood is a laudible and necessary part of the sustainable building trades. However, I do believe the buildings are a bit to costly. I do not know every detail of the home that would be needed to ascertain exact expense, but I do know that $200k is too much. I would assume that the owner wanted the bells and whistles that were applied and added to cost. There is an incorrect assumption that highly efficient buildings need to have a significantly higher sq/ft cost which is quite frankly untrue. While I applaud the groundbreaking work of Benson and others, we need sustainability to be a wholistic practice and bring it to mass consumption levels which has much more to do with education than technology. I never like to point out problems w/out a proposed solution. There is not enough space here to do so. So I will just say take heart, if you truly desire this type of home it is doable if you take the extra time to seek out knowledgeable people and other resources.
fungus amungus (author)  thebruce558 years ago
Thanks for the input. Since you do know so much about the subject, I think it would be fantastic if you could make an Instructable covering how to build this type of home. You don't need to go into all the details. An Instructable that covers anything that a future homeowner would need to know and ask for and expect would be great in getting this information out.
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
that's cool a little too costly with today's technology
700 square feet, $200,000, a little pricey (for Maine) but not terrible. In perspective it's about 2.75x what my house is worth.
sorry 2.2x
is that before or after the stock market crash?
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