Eggshell Speakers

Thee eggshell speakers are lovely to look at even if the sound is "narrow" according to the maker.


Picture of Eggshell Speakers
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sn31028 years ago
This is a cool idea! I have been saving some small speakers from my salvaged Toshiba laptop. I will give your idea a try
Emsaid8 years ago
Very Cool! (What's the white stuff in the corner)
lemonie Emsaid8 years ago
Look like miniature birds, possibly leftover material from the stands. L
jeff-o lemonie8 years ago
They look like Peeps!
Microwave time?
Emsaid lemonie8 years ago
oh.. ok, cool (and an egg)
alessiof768 years ago
great idea!!
I can use ostrich eggs for larger speakers? ;)
I was thinking the emu eggs. With a clear coat the shell goes a deep forest green w/specks of lt. green.

Find someone with a laser and etch them also.
That's cool. I wonder if they'll ever go bad...does shell attract bacteria and all that nonsense? I'd also like to know how he cut it. I know from experience that drilling holes in an egg is a tedious, and easy to crack process.
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