Electric car 3 times more efficient than a Prius

OptaMotive is working on the E. Rex, an electric three-wheeler that goes 0-60 in under 5 seconds, is three times as efficient as a Prius, and has a range of 100 miles. The focus is on the driving experience, though, and there's barely enough room for the driver and passenger, much less a couple more friends or some groceries in the trunk. OptaMotive is predicting a top speed of 160 mph, but hasn't had a chance to test that out yet.

Right now the car is in the testing phase so there's little chance of getting to drive it any time soon. If it does go on sale it's likely to cost over $50k, making the Prius a hell of a deal in comparison.

Check out the link for much more info.

E. Rex Is a 3-Wheeled Electric Hooligan

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CharlieKane4 years ago
Wow, is that even safe to drive?
Dboye824 years ago
What was discovered first electricity or oil? Vehicles are to expensive as it is and there a borderline necesity in todays society, so why is it then we can build probes and what not that travel light years from Earth and space machines that transform and dock with eachother precicely but we can't build an Earth vehicle thats non paluting and still performes the same basic over all function of todays vehicles.. It just makes no sense to me at all that the governments don't put as much effort into the basic fundamentals of life and daily commute as they do building devistation weapons of mass destruction. Why is death more important then life?
Your under the assumption that the government has your best interest or even that of the planets, at heart. Check out "The story of your enslavement" on you tube. It is up to us, individually to make a change. Ride your bicycle, grow a garden, collect your own rain water, make your own energy.
KentsOkay7 years ago
 Ehh, folks are swinging the wrong way with electric cars for the most part. MOST companies are building 100 grand super cars, experimental cars, or other crazies like this. THINK CHEAP AND SMALL... THINK VEEDUB BUG!!

They build the high-end cars first because that's what gets noticed. And Tesla is eventually coming out with the Model S, which is supposed to be more like $40,000--still high-end, but a lot more people can spend $40k on a four-seat luxury sport sedan than will spend $120k on a two-seat sports car. Which are you going to put on the cover of your magazine, a Karma or your neighbor's beat-up Bug?
This year. Saw an add for the Tesla S in this month's National Geographic! BTW, the bump isn't really my fault -- blame the math whiz.
:O Augh, I won't be home for another week, and my dad was kind enough to email me about the latest NGM that he has and I don't...he'll mail me an ad for a $1400 pocketknife but not a magazine.

I have to say, the Model S is a beautiful car, it's like a four-door Maserati GranTurismo, but I'd still rather have an Aptera 2h. If they ever get around to building the darned things...
...your library doesn't even subscribe to National Geographic?

(If that is the case, may I suggest, Sir, that you have a crappy library?)
 yes, yes I know about the Model S. 40 grand is still WAY out of the price range. I'm talking 20 thousand here maybe. I'm pretty sure the Nissan Leaf is supposed to fill that slot. Havent heard of e volks though. PERSONALLY, I'd take the Tesla over the Karma.
radartgb6 years ago
OK i am going to explain why you should not buy a Prius, so bear with me. The Prius gets 50 mpg, so if you keep the car for 200,000 miles you will have used about about 4000 gallons of gas, which is about $11,600 of gas at $2.90 a gallon. Now if you buy a car that gets 30 mpg and you keep it for 200,000 miles you will have used about 6666 gallons of gas, which is about $19,333 at $2.90 a gallon, so you have a savings of about $7733 for the Prius, sounds good right? Now heres the kicker, take the MSRP of a Prius 2 (the base model cheapest package) which is $22,800 and subtract $7733 and you get $15,067, that is your cut-off price to buy a normal car. That is easily achievable for a similarly equipped car of that size. Some examples would be like the Honda fit, the ford focus, Mitsubishi Lancer DE,Hyundai Elantra GLS, or the Toyota yaris. That and the price for repairs of a non-hybrid will be far cheaper than that of a hybrid one. most mechanics that i know won't even touch a Prius. Now if you to really want to save some dough, do like kentsOkay said and buy a VW bug or super beetle or something.
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