Electric didgeridoo

Bored with traditional digeridoos, Kyle Evans made this electronically modified, Bluetooth PVC didgeridoo. The Bluetooth allows him to not be tethered to a computer and the controls on the sides allow him to modify the sounds in the middle of a performance. It takes a lot of breath to power the 4.5 foot didgeridoo, but with a feedback feature he can keep the sound going and catch a breath, which is a little easier than the typical circular breathing.

This took 3 months for him to build at a cost of $300. You can hear a sample of it in action here.

You Built What?! The Electronic Didgeridoo

Picture of Electric didgeridoo
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booeyb7 years ago
I love it and would like to mess around with one. . .but, I must tell you a good didge player creates very similar sounds. . .and some of the magic of the didgeriddo is that it makes sounds usually associated with modern electric techno devices and yet, it's just a stick connected to the human body. . .
Nice! I have experimented with this kind of thing, although my approach was much simpler than yours. Please have a look at www.oddmusic.com  you will find hundreds of like-minded musicians who will appreciate you and your creations.

onebadvette7 years ago
I dig the didj.  The star wars comment was the first thing I thought too.  Want to really trip your brain?  Listen to this with media player and then fullscreen the visualizations.  Some nice geometric shapes that would make me stare at it for hours on a loop if I were in an altered state of mind.  Got any more tracks?
Wow! I really love that sound. This could be amazing for movie or game soundtracks. You could basically make a one man atmospheric soundtrack.
thepelton7 years ago
That's funny!  I like it.
econtrerasd7 years ago
OK tu put it mildly, You're a genius.. I can see (in my head) movies that use it for atmospheric sound..
Koosie7 years ago
Wow, it really is the missing link between noise and music!  :-)

fozzy137 years ago
Cool, really creepy sound.  Slipknot should get a hold of this
Ha! Good one!
That would be epic.
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