Electrical excitement (not)

I was going to fry some potatoes, but my electrical ring failed with arcing, smoke, noise & sparks...
I'm not happy.
I've got the ring to replace, a pan, and I've got sooty-oil to clean up.
And no fried-food.
And the place stinks of burned-oil.
And I've lost / spoiled half a bottle of fresh oil.
Oh, and I'll have to pay for the electricity that did this too.
And I need some 30A fuse wire.

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Ninzerbean8 years ago
 Unbelievable, though I wish it had happened to me tonight as I just sent the dinner guests from hell out the door. I cooked all day - Thai spring rolls and roasted corn with miso butter and caramelized onions and bobba tea for a treat and then goat's milk yogurt with pomegranate seeds, I hate being insulted by a mean drunk, if my stove had caught on fire I would be happier than I am right now.
lemonie (author)  Ninzerbean8 years ago
Did you invite them, and were they drunk when they arrived?

I did invite them and I don't believe they had been drinking before they arrived but the mean one drank a bottle and a half of wine by herself. I have heard of mean drunks but have been lucky enough to have never encountered one before this.  
Holy crayola!
With a dinner fare like what you described, I would have been profusely grateful and polite.
You are welcome anytime V-Man. I just listened to her message thanking me for dinner, really airy and light but no mention of her wickedness, no matter as I will NEVER cook for her again, I equate cooking and love, I love to cook, I cook for the people I love - not always in a romantic sense of course, but mostly I do it because it is a process that once started has a conclusion that is profoundly satisfying on many levels... blah blah blah I know, but it's sort of an acid test - when I meet people I ask myself if I want to cook for them. What is really hard and I wish someone could write an 'ible on is how to go back to your old life of dinner parties every week but with out a partner who managed the conversation, the wine pouring, set the table, helped cook. I still think I can do it all and I can't - as evidenced by last night.
That's what is called a "love language." The specific quirks of it are interesting from person to person.
I have also found social get-togethers devastatingly awkward without a wing-man or -woman. I always have needed someone to bounce conversation off of.
Yes, that is what it is, I find it really weird to being carrying the whole conversation myself, I drone on and on because there is no one there to jump in and give his version or add details to the story. Booooooring.
lemonie (author)  Ninzerbean8 years ago
At least it's not like this(?)

 L! That is so funny, I can't even remember why I was so upset at being treated rudely in my own home when kittens are so soft and cuddly! Think of the kittens - that's my new motto.
lemonie (author)  Ninzerbean8 years ago
Well there you go. How about finding some guy, you say "fancy a free-feed?" and then explain that in return he's only obliged to some simple tasks like speaking, pouring drinks and general easy materials-shuffling?

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