Electricity Free, wind powered Air Conditioning system from an old fridge

Has anyone ever thought of connecting a compressor from a refrigerator to a wind turbine and making an electricity free AC system for their house? It could be made from all free parts - turbine from barrel (vawt), dead fridge, etc. Please comment

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PhilS.1 year ago

Excuse me wrong one below. Right one here:

All nice and good - if you have enough wind coming the right direction.
And last time I checked air heats up when compressed, air cools down when pressure is dropped.
So how again does the air compress through the bottle and still comes out that much colder?

DU35 == Your guess is as good as mine. My thoughts are that the air is compressed when entering the open bottom area and is compressed as it flows through and out the neck into the room, where it is decompressed when leaving the neck.. No one said it would freeze anything, just be "cooler". As to how much cooler, heck I don't know. Haven't made one.. I live in South Texas and doubt I will ever make one. I was just passing on info. and though some one might be interested in something different. As you should remember the topic was about FREE AC. Ha ha. lol
PhilS.1 year ago

This is the latest I know of: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH4bo6Axu1fyNFi56...

You take it from here......................


Brennn109 years ago
Well today I was researching how to set up a solar powered air conditioner. I have an old AC unit, I just need to find out how to hook that up to a solar panel.

Ain't no thing=== hook panels to a battery bank, hook battery bank to a inverter, hook up AC. Where is the problem ??


PhilS.1 year ago

Well, instead of a electric compressor from a frig., why wouldn't you just hook a car AC comp. and forget about using electricity . You can LOCK an auto comp. clutch so it will turn all the time as that is what you want anyway. Weld it.. A car A C is normally around 3 tons anyway. Sounds good to me

Pa in south Texas

JeffT1231 year ago

I've thought of this before and put it on my list of things to do. Basically what you mean is to power the compressor with mechanical output of a wind turbine . I'm certain it can be done but it might be a bit of mucking around as you'd have to gear up the output to match the current electric motor speed to obtain similar performance.

Has anyone else had a go at this?

pvecchio2 years ago

I'm not sure about retrofitting a refrigerator, but there is one major component that would have to be transitioned over, which is the compressor.

Most Air conditioners and Refrigerators work on the same concept which is transferring heat from one coil to another. There is an evaporation side and a compression side with a compressor and an expansion valve. If you change out the compressor to run on either directly from a wind turbine or indirectly, using a wind turbine to compress air, then you can run it without electricity.


PKM9 years ago
Linux- in the book The Mosquito Coast, a crazy inventor (played by Harrison Ford in the film :P) invents an electricity-free fridge that runs on heat (ie uses a heat engine to run a compressor). I see no reason why this is impossible- I'd love to see the delicious irony and ultimate "green" achievement of a solar powered AC that doesn't use PV panels. Think like your idea, but powered with a Minto Wheel or something similar.
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