Electromagnetic pulse generator plans?

Does anybody know where I can find plans for an electromagnetic pulse generator?

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Kiteman9 years ago
An EMP weapon requires explosives. I don't have a schematic, but the structure is co-axial: The core is a bar of hi-ex, say a metre long and 3cm diameter. Around this is a copper coil (uninsulated wire). The outer layer is an aluminium tube. construction ensures that the coil and the aluminium tube do not touch. Before detonation, there is already a current flowing through the coil, so there is already a reasonable magnetic field. The hi-ex is triggered at one end, so that the explosion travels down the device from one end to the other. The next few steps happen with a couple of milliseconds: As the explosion's wave-front expands, it pushes the coil into contact with the outer tube. This shorts out the coil, one turn at a time. As the explosion travels down the device, the magnetic field is rapidly "compressed" into fewer and fewer turns of the coil, until it eventually "bursts" out of the last few turns in a massively-amplified pulse. The pulse exits the device at light-speed, with enough energy to frag any unshielded electronics with a half-mile or so. Very shortly after, the explosion continues out of the device with all its usual force. UK security services went through a period of fear about these things - set one off in the back of a van in London, and billions of pounds of cash and shares would simply cease to exist, along with the collateral physical damage done by the actual explosion. Fortunately (?), it turns out that the engineering tolerances required to produce one make it hideously expensive (for non-national-military organisations), so it's far more likely that terrorists would use "ordinary" suicide bombers to cause damage, and hackers to wreck the computer systems.
takn37 Kiteman2 years ago

correction an emp requires high voltage like 1000 volts or sth.

usually made with steel wire wrapped around a iron stick

Kiteman takn372 years ago

[citation needed]


Explosives are not required.
Dantex Kiteman9 years ago
its not requires explosives, easily its creates a powerful electro-magnetic waves that overloads the power in any electrical device
Dantex Dantex9 years ago
except the nuke which generates emp too
ilpug Dantex4 years ago
I think that is called a "bluebomb" but I can't remember where i heard about that. It would be cool to have a grenade sized one.
yveg3 years ago
I would like to have a very small emp device. I am willing to pay for all the expenses.
Please let me know if someone can help
after a long and hard search for answers my research is concluded.
its to neccessarily a emp generator but it is a emi generator.
a single pulse of wid band electromagnetic interference will put most electronics out of its misery. will post an intructable on how to make a small unit capable of frying cellphones and crashing computers from 20 feet. it will be the size of a beef jerky packet from slim jim.
ilpug4 years ago
A friend of my cousin had this thing in a big project box that when he pressed a button would interrupt phone calls, crash computers or make their screens go all stupid. it had a short range though, like maybe 20 feet? i cant remember much about it, but he said it was an EMP thing he and his friend had made in college. That was a few years ago, so I have no idea.
I was reading the responses and someone mentioned a marx generator. That person was close. The U.S. military uses a modified marx generator to simulate emp blast. what it is is a marx generator connected to a high power radio transmitter. You could in theory shrink the marx design down to fit in your hand and attach it to a simple tank circuit to acheive an "emp". All it does is transmit the energy from the capacitors into the victims laptop wirelessly.
[citation needed]

11stryker996 years ago
i have a question, my professor will not stop useing the smartboard in my university, he said that if we could disable it with a small EMP he would give us an A for the semester and make the winner his student helper, every thing i have done so fare has blown up or just ended badly, how do i make a small enuff EMP to take out the electricity or power in the computer of the smartboard to take it offline or make it irresponsive for 2 or less Mins? must be laptop bag size or can fit in hand, i am 2 feet away from the smart borad, we are working on advanced science and electromagnetic forces. Dose any buddy have any sugestions?
which university do u go 2?
To earn the A, you should work it out for yourself.

And what's wrong with a SmatBoard?  I use one all the time.

knoxarama7 years ago
Problem with that article is that it is not possible for that configuration to work. Unless I am reading it wrong, he is firing a nail through a coil of wire and expecting to get an electromagnetic pulse from it. It doesn't matter how fast that nail or "ferrite rod" as he says also travels through that coil of wire, it is not going to generate what is expected. It would have to be magnetized for one thing to generate anything. Now he could use a neodymium magnet and fire it through the coil and he will get the pulse he is expecting, but even that is not going to be a devastating emp pulse. Just a quick pulse generated in the coil that would light a bulb possibly for a split second. Not really worth setting off dynomite for that one.

If you want true emp pulses, you would need to do a little research. Maybe combining a high frequency pulsing circuit that pushing a good amount of current into pancake coils. Look up Nikola Tesla and Pancake coils to see what I mean. It is my opinion that you would not want any ferrite in any of the coils if you expect the electromagnetic field to disipate in the surrounding air either. Pancake coils are perfect for the job. Maybe a nice stack of them, and you will kick a pulse directional much stronger than firing a nail through a coil of wire with dynomite. Not to mention, you might survive when you fire it off.
Riley C9 years ago
You could probably create a small EMP with maybe 10 disposable camera capacitors wired in parallel
Sounds what I,m working on.
You really can build one with just a huge capacitor bank charged up to lots of volts, then discharge it through a huge coil of a couple turns of huge wire. If you're lucky, the electricity will resonate through the coil and cause enough EM interference to fry sensitive components. Another design is exploding a small piece of wire, which sends out EM waves at the resonant frequency of the wire (double check that, I'm not sure). Check out http://amazing1.com/emp.htm.
you mean like a marx generator?
Not really. Marx generators are for generating lots of volts but with very low current. Marx generators go up to about 100kv, but very tiny current (microamps, maybe?). For a nice-sized EMP, only a few kv (1-5) in some relatively big caps (100uF?). I haven't experimented with EMPs or marx generators or caps this big, so I'm really just going from what I can predict and what I've found on the internet.

Possibly a smaller EMP (coil type, range of a few inches for soft crashes) could be made with a bunch of camera flash caps in parallel. That's more doable, and I might try it some time.

Big caps at here: http://www.electricstuff.co.uk/destructotron.html
That's 5kv 220uF. Would probably make a good EMP bank for the vaporizing wire method.
Dang. I just realized everything i said has already been said by someone else down there. oops.
I know how that is.
wow amazing1 advertises in popsci, one of there products the "Phaser Sonic Blaster" say "Do not aim at people unless nessesary" Back to the topic Just make a capacitor bank and Curl wire around a pencil or somthing like 20 times and discharge it.
cowgomoo8 years ago
look at "electronic gadgets for the evil genius"
I really want to get that book. I have Bionics for the evil genius. the hole evil genius series is very cool.
LasVegas9 years ago
I'm assuming you're not looking for a simple EM Pulse. You get one anytime an Electromagnet is energized. You're looking for one large enough to do damage to computers and electronic devices in the vicinity. Correct? While I could theorize having past experience with a magnetizer that created those monster magnets in 12" hard drives, I think it would be irresponsible to help anyone design such a weapon.
how can i knock out cell phone and gps signals in a 100yd radius for 5 min
try a cell phone jammer. cant help you with gps tho. those go to sattelite
Why do you want to take out so much space
Where I worked we had about 12 of those IBM 3380 towers. Monstrous magnetic fields inside those cabinets.
o.O What if you knew that person would never be such a fool as to use it on valuable equipment?
abun1991 (author)  LasVegas9 years ago
Yes, that is exactly what im looking for, but i dont want to use it for my own benefit, just to experiment. any help is appreciated!
you might look into 'coin shrinking' for ideas. they specialize in powerful fields of short duration which is what i assume you would need. any clue what kind of flux density you need to generate a significant current on a small circut or are you worried about shielding longer cables?
http://www.amazing1.com/ Use to be in the early editions of pop sci & pop mech as a AD called "Scientific Unlimited" bought some laser diodes for a 100,000 lumen reusable flash grenade thing I had plans for in the early 80's worked too. (Need to remember not to blind the judges at a science contest) P.S. All you need is a large compacitor that can hold a charge large enough to be able to converted to a electromagnetic wavelength
Is 2100v. Enough or is that complete overkill? if so how many volts do you reckoning?
007towelie7 years ago
i thought u could make one out of the magnetron in a microwave but i have no idea if it would work or not

look into that on anarchists cookbook your onto whats called a HERT or somethin.. read that too

OOOOOO i understand how emps work now thanks to knoxaramathank you man. now since i understand how they work i can finnaly build one
knoxarama7 years ago
stwm8 years ago
I built a small emp with a disposable camera with flash. I made the coil with a 4cm plastic tube and 24awg copper wire coated with enamel (magnet wire). I wound 1 layer/winding about 3cm width of wire around the 4cm plastic tube. I placed a small digital 1$ watch on the coil and when I activated the emp, the watch would reset to 12:00. I tried it a few times and the watch always reset to 12:00 but wasn't damaged. I disconnected the coil and instead of the camera emp, I used a 100KV stun gun, about 1cm from both ends of the coil wire. There was a 1cm spark from both tips of the stun gun to both ends of the coil. After about 5 seconds the watch sitting on the coil was completely dead. So get a 100KV stun gun or stronger and try different types of coils to see which coil gives best result. A coil with a iron or ferrous core is supposed to give better results.
cimiuac stwm7 years ago
hello you have to know the frequency and the volts from the corrents. to have a good work why you dont work with a flash vivitar 1900?
cimiuac8 years ago
hello I am looking for a electronicmagnet puls generator to do the therapy from dr bob beck. I need 50 kilo gauss. saludos alex
I have read on Dr. Bob Beck and he mentioned using a vivitar 1900 flash to pulse lymph nodes. I have one but have not tried to make a coil for it. Infact I am a little iffy on how to make the coil.
hello its easy to do the coil.whenyou send mi your email I can send you some fotos how you can make the coil. elpelucali@hotmail.com
defibrillator? i seen on a film, a hacker used the EMF between the 2 paddles to blank off his computers, apparently it really works and its got what you'v been saying about, not sure if theres enough joules i can be bothered to convert it to amps right now "a bank of capacitors to approximately 1000 Volts with an energy content of 100-200 Joules" just don't blame me if you play with one and get or do something nasty, or die, im only throwing in ideas
Dantex9 years ago
try on this site, picture on left side is schema of emp and you can buy parts there http://www.amazing1.com/emp.htm
Dantex Dantex9 years ago
and you have emp bomb which curves any metal parts link http://www.electricstuff.co.uk/destructotron.html
I have a book on how to build one. (no explosives) it basicaly is an uber-powerful ellectromagnet that is powered by capacitors for a short but powerful bust of electricity. I'll post how to build it in with a cpl weeks. or you can just get the book "Electronics Gadgets for the Evil Genius"
woops, it uses exploding wires, but no real "explosives"
abun1991 (author) 9 years ago
i want to ude it to run experiments in EM pulse shielding
For starters you have to define how big you want it to be. Your answer will show how sane you are. FYI the police were trying this out a few years ago I remember.When chasing a criminal (car chase) they would shoot a RC car really fast underneith the criminals car then set off the EMP bomb that was ontop of the RC car. The pulse blows up most cars computer controlled electronic ignitions. Why not ask the police if they have any extra ones.
abun1991 (author)  mark1019 years ago
I went to ask them, but they had no idea what i was talking about (I live in a TINY town where nothing like that ever happens.) besides, i want to learn how to build one.
OK I was joking. I didn't think you would actually go and ask the police for an illegal device. LasVegas says (what I was talking about) are "little more than a super stun gun" it depends what you call an EMP pulse. If the super stun gun is not in contact with the wiring and it blows the on board computer what do you call it?Thats my definition of an EMP.
As I said, those devices that were demonstrated on some "Future Tech" show, were not EM pulse generators. They were little more than a super-stun-gun intended to blow the car's fuses. You could probably build something like that by charging a number of large capacitors and setting it up with a couple of trip wires to make contact with the target vehicle. If you were to build your own capacitors with aluminum, paper and oil, you could hold quite a large charge in a fairly small space.
An EM Pulse Generator would be too much large to fit under a car. What you're referring to was a HV static discharge (much like a stun gun) that was intended to blow the computer controls of the car.
abun1991 (author)  mark1019 years ago
thx, i think i will
There is a more powerful EMP devices, however they require explosives.

For you... have a look here

They don't tell you how it is made, but i can think the device is like this

<<<<<<DANGER>>>>> <<<<HIGH VOLTAGE>>>>

Power (AC) > switch > rectifier > LEET step up transformer :) (like a stun gun... but more) > a high power diode > crapload of capacitors with the correct voltage > arming switch > fire > long long cable > to a excessively wound coil of high (in diameter) wires.

Don't worry about my little plan, it is not mobile at all... and if it is made... it would be pretty big... too big to hide from other cops :)

But it is just enough for you to test your idea out.

I didn't mention any safety, so its your fault if you get hurt :)
I am not liable for any damage or loss of life in trying my idea out.

Hope it helps
abun1991 (author)  akimbo m9 years ago
thx but what is a helmholz