Electromagnetic pulse generator plans?

Does anybody know where I can find plans for an electromagnetic pulse generator?

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Kiteman10 years ago
An EMP weapon requires explosives. I don't have a schematic, but the structure is co-axial: The core is a bar of hi-ex, say a metre long and 3cm diameter. Around this is a copper coil (uninsulated wire). The outer layer is an aluminium tube. construction ensures that the coil and the aluminium tube do not touch. Before detonation, there is already a current flowing through the coil, so there is already a reasonable magnetic field. The hi-ex is triggered at one end, so that the explosion travels down the device from one end to the other. The next few steps happen with a couple of milliseconds: As the explosion's wave-front expands, it pushes the coil into contact with the outer tube. This shorts out the coil, one turn at a time. As the explosion travels down the device, the magnetic field is rapidly "compressed" into fewer and fewer turns of the coil, until it eventually "bursts" out of the last few turns in a massively-amplified pulse. The pulse exits the device at light-speed, with enough energy to frag any unshielded electronics with a half-mile or so. Very shortly after, the explosion continues out of the device with all its usual force. UK security services went through a period of fear about these things - set one off in the back of a van in London, and billions of pounds of cash and shares would simply cease to exist, along with the collateral physical damage done by the actual explosion. Fortunately (?), it turns out that the engineering tolerances required to produce one make it hideously expensive (for non-national-military organisations), so it's far more likely that terrorists would use "ordinary" suicide bombers to cause damage, and hackers to wreck the computer systems.
takn37 Kiteman4 years ago

correction an emp requires high voltage like 1000 volts or sth.

usually made with steel wire wrapped around a iron stick

Kiteman takn374 years ago

[citation needed]


Explosives are not required.
Dantex Kiteman10 years ago
its not requires explosives, easily its creates a powerful electro-magnetic waves that overloads the power in any electrical device
Dantex Dantex10 years ago
except the nuke which generates emp too
ilpug Dantex6 years ago
I think that is called a "bluebomb" but I can't remember where i heard about that. It would be cool to have a grenade sized one.
yveg4 years ago
I would like to have a very small emp device. I am willing to pay for all the expenses.
Please let me know if someone can help
after a long and hard search for answers my research is concluded.
its to neccessarily a emp generator but it is a emi generator.
a single pulse of wid band electromagnetic interference will put most electronics out of its misery. will post an intructable on how to make a small unit capable of frying cellphones and crashing computers from 20 feet. it will be the size of a beef jerky packet from slim jim.
ilpug6 years ago
A friend of my cousin had this thing in a big project box that when he pressed a button would interrupt phone calls, crash computers or make their screens go all stupid. it had a short range though, like maybe 20 feet? i cant remember much about it, but he said it was an EMP thing he and his friend had made in college. That was a few years ago, so I have no idea.
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