Electronic Disabler?

Is there something that exists that can wirelessly short-circuit electronics? I haven't found anything on Google. I'm pretty sure i read something about a guy making something called an F-Ray that did this, but that was in Tesla's lifetime I think. In short I want to build something that can over-voltage or short circuit electronic devices/machines. I don't care if it ruins them or temporarily disables them.

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Jordo (author) 9 years ago
I just found what I am looking for, it does exist, its called a HERF gun ( High Energy Radio Frequency) and are fairly simple to make, i would love for someone to maybe post links for instructions to build one.
my friend at my school build an emp bomb and it worked!
Kiteman Jordo9 years ago
Why don't you make one and post the ible? It would be a dramatic first project.
Jordo (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
I think I will, I mean that's what instructables is all about, making something and sharing your new-found knowledge with others so they can try
guyfrom7up9 years ago
you want an Electro Magnetic Pulse bomb ever saw ocean's 11? They used a giagantic one in that. Basically you just need to create a giant powerful electromangetic wave, causing voltage spikes in all electronics around it (I'm pretty sure it won't work on devices in metal cases or that have good electro-magnetic protection). you want an EMP bomb or EMP generator You better not be a terrorist...
The device used in oceans 11 was a Z-pinch, which sadly does not do anything it did in the movie. All they really do is compress plasma using magnetic fields and thats about it
Terrorists and EMP weapons, thats why there is Mil Specs for EMP bursts, oh no that was because the USSR was going to illuminate a pile of nuclear weapons 200 miles up from Atlanta, Either way the government's military is ready for a nuclear weapon generated EMP burst, so some one playing around with it will more then likely get caught and in a whole pile of trouble....
and the matrix
CameronSS9 years ago
One option is to make a very high-voltage, high-amperage power supply with a mega capacitor. With a big enough PSU, you can short out the terminals with a bit of aluminum wire, causing the wire to vaporize. This releases a powerful cylindrical electromagnetic pulse, which can be shielded and focused into a gun.
Jordo (author) 9 years ago
lol, no not a terrorist! My friend mentioned how cool something like that would be. and i was positive i read something about it while reading about Nikola Tesla (My Hero!) Plus who knows, it may be useful (someday...) And I think it would be something fun the build. one thing I thought about was possibly concentrating a high frequency/voltage radio signal or something to over-voltage the device or make an arc inside the electronic to fry it.
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