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What stores do you recomend for electronic components? Must ship to Europe at a reasonable price, and don't have 7 weeks delivery time to Europe.

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siewertw4 years ago
For people from the Netherlands; try http://www.bitsandparts.eu

It is a webshop for all Arduino and Raspberry Pi related components.

For orders above 4 euro there is no shipping charge for the Netherlands.

chr (author) 10 years ago
Stumbled upon this site: http://www.futurlec.com/
Just the right amount of components (the large stores have way too many :p) and low prices. Thei ship from Thailand.
josh92176 chr10 years ago
I have ordered form them. Shipping is very slow and I later read somwhere on the internet (ciao?) that some people had never seen their orders and one guy suspected them of fraud. I wont e buying from them again. I can however recommend Bits box. Prices are OK and shipping isn't bad. You pay via paypal so its secure (or you can pay with other less secure methods e.g ban transfer). Its only 1 guy here (in the U.K) so stock is a bit limited but if they have what you want go for it, he is very reliable.

chr (author)  josh9217610 years ago
Ah, thanks for informing me about that store :D
http://www.fastcomponents.co.uk/ is another good UK store.

I have three experiences with futurlec:
1) My fist order took about 3 weeks, when I sent them an email, they told me they where waiting for a component that was in backorder.. but offered to send the available parts right away. They sent it by express FedEx the same day (I only paid for regular mail), got the package 3 or 4 days later (thailand->norway).

2) A friend of mine got components for the weather station tutorial. They shipped the same day, and he received the component a week later or so..

3) My second order was shipped 6 days after entering the order, and is still in transit. 9 days and counting. Hope it'll arrive :p
chr (author)  chr10 years ago
I just received my second package. Two things went wrong 1) They charged more than the prices on their webpage indicates. The prices on their webpage is in USD, but they charged me in AUD, and they used their own exchange rate.. 2) In stead of 6 leds, they sent me 6 breadboards. But I don't mind. I'll keep my $35 worth of breadboards, and forget about the $1 missing leds :)
josh92176 chr10 years ago
LOL, you got 6 free breadboards!1! -josh
chr (author)  josh9217610 years ago
I sure did ;)
josh92176 chr10 years ago
I think they are getting better. This is what I was referring to. At the top the reviews are good but then scroll down to near the bottom! It seems however to have got some positive reviews since I last checked.

Good luck with your order
Also, all those offices are lies, its really one place in Australia (apparently)
chr (author)  josh9217610 years ago
I think it's one place in Thailand.. the FedEx tracking said so at least...
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