Electronics Project Ideas which do not use Microcontrollers

In the past I have used various dev boards(Arduino,RasPi,Intel Edison, Particle Photon,etc) for projects.

I am planning to make a couple of projects which DO NOT require the use of a Microcontroller.

For some reason  I have this mental blockade of innovative ideas which I can implement without using a Microcontroller.

If you have any cool non-microcontroller based project ideas, share them in the comments below & I'll try to make an Instructable out of them. 

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How about really old school?
A detector radio with a real crystal comes to mind... ;)

-max- Downunder35m11 months ago

I recently made a basic crystal radio using a SOT-23 packaged schottky diode salvaged from an old PCI RF TV tuner. Vd = 0.25v on multimeter. It was part of a small local switching regulator.

Jonathanrjpereira (author) 1 year ago

I eventually made a Solar Tracker

msiren1 year ago

IR tripwire with 555 timer that turns a alarm buzzer on for X seconds very simple project unless I try to do it.

Toga_Dan1 year ago

this might be a good topic to research in a (gasp) book. U may find one in an antique store.

This is cool idea! I would suggest to make an robotic creatures that has simple functions and will depends on Integrated circuits.

ilpug1 year ago

Go to a thrift shop and find the oldest radio you can, take it apart and try and recreate it.

Toga_Dan1 year ago

relay logic.

Most of what I see people do with arduino, etc could be done with 1950s tech.

These days it seems easier to program a thingy to turn a light on than to actually use a switch.
Had a lot of fun in my early years creating sirens, amplifiers and all sorts of blinking and beeping gadgets with a few transistors, resistors and capacitors.

maybe there's still a book on those basic projects .

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