Electronics Puzzler by Mr. Forrest M. Mims III himself !

Below is a link to Jameco's latest Forrest M. Mims III electronic's puzzler: can anyone figure it out without cheating? The link provides more detail. plus some hints....

JAMECO PUZZLER 2 - What's the Missing Component?

Picture of Electronics Puzzler by Mr. Forrest M. Mims III  himself !
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Goodhart (author) 8 years ago
Would you believe it is JUST an LED ? A clear cased RED LED. That's all folks ! LOL
Yes, that's what I thought see below

Goodhart (author)  lemonie8 years ago
The red LED is being used as a sensor in this case. The clearer the case it is in, the more sensitive it is. I had always known that LED's and other clear cased diodes reacted somewhat to light, but I never did much experimenting with it.....I am going to do some now though...
dombeef8 years ago
Light Detector thing
Goodhart (author)  dombeef8 years ago
Ok, if you look at the answer (at the site ) you'll be surprised :-)
Insert Tongue here
Goodhart (author)  Spaceman Spiff8 years ago
That would be seen as a resistor and probably would not work ;-p
fwjs288 years ago
o, oh my....well, it has a graph i assume thats what it is that has volts to light....so my guess is an LED or light bulb circuit?
Goodhart (author)  fwjs288 years ago
the missing component, is to detect certain wavelengths of light....

one of the hints states: The missing component is clearly some kind of photodiode or photoresistor. But what kind?

fwjs28 Goodhart8 years ago
ir light detector? idk
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