Electroplate tech used for 3D printing

Obviously it wouldn't work for large scale objects, but could high current, localized "plating" be used to deposit large, controlled amounts of metal to sculpt an object??

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Kiteman5 years ago

That sounds interesting - I imagine the results would lack fine detail, though, sort of metallic stalagmites?

NumbersAndLetters (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
possibly. I had a stylus-type device in mind to act as a sacrificial cathod. keeping it highly negatively charged and the base positively charged, ions will want to separate from the tip into solution and rapidly recombine on the grounded object-to-be. of course to do this in a reasonable amount of time one would need a power supply of several hundred amps which I imagine would pretty quickly electrolize the solvent
Impossibly slow. Why not just use electroforming ?
NumbersAndLetters (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
electroforming requires a master and the goal here would be to produce any component from a file once-off
3d print the master using conventional tech, and I bet its STILL quicker than depositing in a point
wmbild5 years ago
Very nice...