Elemental LED talks DIY

Elemental LED hosts office DIY Challenge, names Instructables as their source for DIY inspiration and help

Elemental LED recently posted an article about their office DIY Challenge to see who can create the best LED projects. You might remember Elemental LED as the sponsors to our summer LED Contest

The video talks about Elemental's place in DIY culture and why sharing creations on Instructables is important. In the video you can see some of the projects they created during their DIY Challenge party, they also mention how Instructables is their place to come and get inspiration and guidance for their creations. The video includes footage filmed at the Instructables lab, and appearances by our very own Bilal and Carley!

via Elemental LED

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i would love to work there!
Kiteman5 years ago
Hey, why don't you do an in-house contest at HQ, and get it judged by member vote?
Carleyy Kiteman5 years ago
We actually are! We're going to run an Autodesk Halloween contest and threw the idea around of having members vote :D
Kiteman Carleyy5 years ago
Awesome - make sure *everybody* enters, even Dworley!